Yet again, it’s that time of the year—cold and flu season. While we would all prefer to banish this annual event for good, it’s unfortunately a fact of life. That said, there are things that you and your loved ones can do to kick your cold or—ideally—prevent yourself from getting sick altogether. To help, we’ve put together a short list of our favorite resources.

Whether you find yourself with the sniffles or the full-blown flu, these links should come in handy:

  1. Halyard Health’s Tips for Managing Cold and Flu for Feeding Tube Users
  2. Mayo Clinic’s Guide to Prevention the Common Cold
  3. The proper way to wash your hands
  4. Administering Medications and MIC-KEY* Feeding Tubes
  5. Tubie Reading List (to keep you occupied if you’re cooped up inside)
  6. How to stay hydrated when you have a feeding tube

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