A tube obstruction or blockage is the inability to flush your feeding tube and/or administer liquid nutrition or medication. At one time or another, you might find yourself dealing with a blocked feeding tube. If this does happen, then follow these tips to unclog your feeding tube. Then, read up on how you can prevent future clogs.

Steps to Address Feeding Tube Obstructions as provided by The Oley Foundation:

  1. Make sure the clamp on the extension set tubing is open.
  2. Try to flush the tube with a syringe filled with warm water. Pull the plunger back on syringe. Try flushing again with warm water.
  3. If flushing doesn’t work, call your doctor to discuss alternative options.

As with any other feeding tube-related issue, it is always ideal to avoid the situation. Here are some tips for preventing tube blockage:

  • Administer medications properly.
  • Flush the tube according to your doctor’s orders.
  • Thoroughly blend all foods and powdered formulas before administering through the tube, as liquids that are too thick may cause blockage.
  • Do not mix medications and formula together.

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